Retaining Walls that Hold Steady

Sheet piling and H-Pile are used when there is poor soil at any depth, where a site may have constraints such as property lines, or very large design loads.

Sheet piling is a form of driven piling using interlocking sheets of steel, creating a continuous barrier underground. Geiger has installed sheet piling used as a temporary retaining wall to allow for permanent construction work to proceed, and in cases where permanent retaining structures are required.

H-Piling is used when the load requirement is more than shallow foundation can bear, either because of the soil conditions, or because of the building's design. Geiger installs H-Piling using specialized equipment which drives the H-Piling through the unstable soil down to a depth required for proper load bearing. We provide H-Piling installation for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

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Their staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful and easy to work with.

Michael C. Kline
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